Topless man with a Thai tiger tattoo escapes knife attack, turning quiet neighbourhood into chaos

A bare-chested 60 year outdated man, sporting a conventional Thai tiger tattoo, yesterday survived a knife assault after becoming embroiled in a home argument with a friend and his wife, causing chaos within the quiet Samut Prakan neighbourhood.
Officers from Samrong Police Station in Samut Prakan province rushed to the spot upon receiving information of a violent dispute that resulted in severe accidents. The brawl took place exterior a residence within Soi Jap Sen, Samrong subdistrict, Phra Pradaeng district, Samut Prakan province.
On reaching Black market , they encountered a bloodied 42 12 months outdated man named Anurak, with wounds to his left index and little fingers. There were chew marks on his neck, shoulders, and both arms. First help was promptly administered earlier than transporting him to the Samut Prakan Hospital.
A quick distance away, a visibly injured 60 year old man, Sanhoe, was found seated in a bloodied state. With a outstanding tiger tattoo across his chest, Sanhoe displayed a selection of accidents, including a knife wound on his head, a reduce wound on his left thumb, a stab wound to his right shoulder, and a wound to his left breast. He also had a wound to his right side however hadn’t penetrated the pores and skin. He too received first aid and was transported to the Samut Prakan Hospital, reported Sanook.
In the vicinity, officers discovered a slightly injured 30 yr outdated man named Arun armed with a pocket knife. The knife was confiscated as proof.
Upon questioning, it was learnt that Sanhoe and Anurak had been enjoying drinks together. Anurak’s wife joined them not lengthy before the incident, asking Anurak to return home.
A row between the married couple prompted Sanhoe to intervene, requesting a decreasing of voices for the sake of neighbouring residents enjoying their rest. It is believed that Anurak didn’t take kindly to this interference, resulting in a knife assault on Sanhoe.
Arun, who had been watching a boxing match close by, rushed in to help, suffering minor accidents in the scuffle. The police arrived shortly thereafter to manage the state of affairs.
An preliminary inquiry has been accomplished and the police made identified that they will carefully interrogate each events before continuing with the authorized costs. It was not said whether Arun was related to the married couple..

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