ACHEMA 2022 extra intently integrates exhibition and congress programme

ACHEMA 2022, which takes place 22–26 August in Frankfurt, will, for the first time fully integrate the congress into the exhibition programme.
Attendees inspecting a magnetic drive pump at ACHEMA 2018. – Dechema e.V./Helmut Stettin

All congress periods will happen both on stages directly within the exhibition halls or in the immediate vicinity of the exhibition teams. Another change to the congress is that there will be five theme days as an alternative of three this year. Daily spotlight periods within the respective themes will emphasise additional matters, ensuring that every one topics driving the method business are addressed.
The event might be true to the ACHEMA motto Inspiring Sustainable Connections, defined Dr Andreas Förster, executive director of DECHEMA and organiser of ACHEMA. “Application and research go even more hand in hand at ACHEMA 2022 because of the nearer thematic and spatial integration of the exhibition and congress programme.”

On Monday 22 August, the theme “Hydrogen Economy” will start the event. As we move towards a climate neutral future, hydrogen will play a central position in the transformation of the process industry, the transport sector and the energy system. The process business is already the main person of hydrogen. The focus of the primary theme day will be the method to leverage its further potential in the future.
On Tuesday 23 August, the theme shall be “Fossil Free Production”. Production without using fossil uncooked materials is an important and bold goal to reduce back greenhouse gasoline emissions within the process business. The idea of fossil-free manufacturing is straightforward, but there are nonetheless many unanswered questions and these l be addressed.
On Wednesday 24 August, the theme is “Perspectives in Laboratory & Analytics” and a half of that would be the focus matter of ACHEMA, “The Digital Lab”. Data from all areas of research and production converge in the laboratory. Modular, automated and totally networked, the digital laboratory is a central part for course of improvement and high quality assurance. The highlight session on this matter and the congress will complement the theme day.
On Thursday 25 August, the continuous scorching subject of “Digitalisation in Process Industry” might be a part of the brand new exhibition group “Digital Hub” (Hall 12.1) and likewise as a focus of the Congress programme agenda. “Data is the model new gold” is a phrase used usually enough, however how can this treasure be harnessed? How can information be used in business models? And how can information safety be guaranteed?

The final day of the congress on Friday 26 August will focus on “Novel Bioprocesses and Technologies”. New biopharmaceuticals, bio-based fine chemical substances or biotechnological recycling all require new (production) processes. Changes in these processes are particularly driven by advances in artificial biology, automated laboratory technologies, integrated bioprocesses, revolutionary bioreactor ideas, novel downstream technologies and superior modelling. ACHEMA 2022 will function the global showcase for these developments.
At เกจวัดแรงดูด , researchers, builders and users will meet to discuss the newest technical developments and options for the current challenges in the course of industries and in total, the congress will function more than 115 sessions. With the exhibition and the closer integration of the varied elements, ACHEMA 2022 will supply a complete 360-degree perspective on all trends and technologies within the process trade.

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