Indonesian authorities supply reward for getting tyre off crocodile

Any croc-whisperers out there? Authorities in Indonesia are providing a reward to anybody who can rescue a saltwater crocodile with a bike tyre stuck around its neck. The huge crocodile has had the tyre round its neck for a quantity of years. One courageous croc wrangler will land an unspecified amount of cash, however it’ll mean coming nose to nose with the four metre reptile in Palu, the capital of Central Sulawesi, east Indonesia.
Local conservation authorities have tried, and failed, for years to discover a method to assist the croc after a video emerged displaying it gasping for air, sparking worries the tyre is slowly killing the animal.
Manifest ’s governor just lately instructed his conservation agency to determine how to remove the tyre. The company has supplied few details on the reward, or how the task may be accomplished. But the agency’s chief, who says the cash will come out of his own pocket, warns that he’s not in search of amateurs, but somewhat individuals with a background in wildlife rescue..

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