Mahathir Mohamad questioned by police over Malay Proclamation

Former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad revealed that he was questioned by the police on June 2 concerning two recent statements. He took to social media to specific his concerns about freedom of speech, stating that if his remarks were incorrect, they should be proven so, and that the police questioning him was a form of intimidation.
Mahathir claimed that the lack of Malays to debate their issues was racist and referred to his practice of sharing political views on social media platforms. The two statements he was questioned over have been in regards to the history of Kedah and his “Malay Proclamation.”
Never again quoted Spanish-American thinker George Santayana, asserting that telling the truth concerning the past is not a crime. Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) secretary Noorsiah Saaduddin introduced on June three that the police had completed their investigation against Mahathir for remarks allegedly belittling the country’s monarchy. The investigation paper will be referred to the Attorney General’s Chambers.
Officers from the Classified Crime Investigation Unit recorded Mahathir’s assertion at Yayasan Al Bukhary concerning his remarks and the “Malay Proclamation.” Noorsiah stated that the investigation into the “Malay Proclamation” was ongoing, with investigators yet to question PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang and Penang Deputy Chief Minister II P. Ramasamy.
Mahathir’s “Malay Proclamation” is an initiative aiming to unite the Malay neighborhood by addressing 12 key issues they face and bridging the group’s political variations. Despite his main position in at least 4 Malay political parties, Hadi, along with others such as Bersatu deputy president Ahmad Faizal Azumu and data chief Razali Idris, signed on to Mahathir’s proclamation..

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