Pfeiffer Vacuum expands vary to offer high pumping speeds

Pfeiffer Vacuum has launched new compact Roots pumps from the HiLobe collection with excessive pumping speeds, that are designed for functions that call for big chambers to be evacuated rapidly.
Pfeiffer Vacuum is expanding the HiLobe collection via intelligent, high efficiency Roots pumps with excessive pumping speeds.
Potential makes use of of the new Pfeiffer Vacuum pumps in industrial vacuum purposes include electron beam welding, vacuum furnaces, freeze drying and, significantly, speedy evacuations (lock chambers or leak detection systems). These vacuum pumps are additionally suitable for use in coating purposes and with their individual pace control, they are often tailored to customer-specific necessities.
Their powerful drive concept shortens pump-down instances by around 20% in comparability with conventional Roots pumps. Rapid evacuation additionally saves costs and increases the efficiency of production techniques. เพรสเชอร์เกจดิจิตอล of energy-efficient drives and the optimised rotor geometries reduces power prices by more than 50%, also reinforced by the sealing concept.
The pumps are hermetically sealed from the ambiance and have a maximum integral leak rate of 1 · 10-6 Pa m³/s. Dynamic seals are eliminated, so upkeep is only necessary each 4 years.
The intelligent interface technology of the HiLobe ensures optimum course of adjustment and condition monitoring. Condition monitoring provides fixed information on the state of the vacuum system and will increase system availability as maintenance and repair work could be planned accordingly.
Andreas Würz, Product Manager at Pfeiffer Vacuum, explains, “These new Roots pumps handle a variety of nominal pumping speeds as a lot as thirteen,600 m³/h. We are particularly proud of their very compact dimension and significantly decrease power consumption compared to standard Roots pumps.”


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