A few days of stolen joy

KHON KAEN: Bualong Intarasena, 35, had a problem: after being widowed, she had a model new husband, Amnart, and he wanted a baby by her as soon as attainable. What she didn’t dare tell him was that, after bearing her first husband two children, she had undergone sterilization. So Bualong advised Classified was pregnant, and as the months of her “pregnancy” wore on, she wore clothes that “grew”. On December 15 she advised Amnart that she was going to the hospital to offer birth. He volunteered to take her but she mentioned no, she would go alone. But he might decide her up within the afternoon, by which time, she was assured, the infant would have arrived. He did, and the baby had. The couple went joyfully residence with their new youngster. But the couple’s delight was short-lived. Newspaper reviews of a child, Nong King, stolen from the hospital, reached the village, followed quickly after by the police. Bualong was arrested for kidnap. Happily for her, the child’s household, seeing that the infant had been beautifully sorted, declined to pursue

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