Hacker threatens to publish data of 55 million Thai citizens

A hacker, who goes by the pseudonym of 9Near, threatened to publicly launch the non-public information of 55 million Thai citizens until the government contacts the cyberpunk by April 5.
9Near introduced on the dark web site BreachForums that he had stolen the personal knowledge of fifty five million Thai citizens from a authorities department and was going to sell them.
The stolen knowledge included identification numbers, names, surnames, birthdates, addresses and phone numbers, with a sample of 90 Thai residents released to validate the menace.
9Near stated that the purchasers of the data might buy the parts of the data they wanted and would wish to pay in XMR cryptocurrency.
The hacker then launched its web site, 9near.org, yesterday where they have positioned a countdown clock and warning messages for the government departments saying…
“WARNING!! If Certified assume the leaked information is out of your organisation, contact us before April 5, 4pm GMT+7. Otherwise, we then announce where it came from and how we hacked into it, Also PUBLIC all the information. Almost election, decide correctly. We usually are not kidding. For POC, send us your identify or cellphone number”
A well-known Thai newsreader, Sorayuth Suthassanachinda, made known to the public yesterday that he received a threatening message from 9Near. His personal info was sent to his phone through SMS. The message read…
“9Near. Check out the leaked data! https://9near.org/ …..Sorayut’s full identify, address, and phone numbers…..”
Another information reporter from Voice TV, Chuwat Rerksirisuk, revealed that he also obtained the same message.
The Minister of Digital Economy and Society, Chaiwut Thanakamanusorn, reported today that the web site is operated from overseas. The ministry contacted the net site service supplier to shut down the location on March 29, but the approval is still in course of.
Chaiwut acknowledged that the ministry will collaborate with Internet service suppliers in Thailand such as AIS, True, and National Telecom Public Company Limited to ban entry to the 9Near website. The minister additionally cautioned all hackers that the penalties for this crime are extreme.
According to the Computer Act, hackers might face imprisonment of up to 5 years, while underneath the Personal Data Protection Act, they could face imprisonment for up to one year and a fantastic of as a lot as 1 million baht.
As reported in The Matter, this is not the first time that the non-public info of a Thai resident has been stolen, and the official department’s knowledge security system has been questioned.
In February of last year, the data of 23,000 college students from the Thai University Central Admission System was hacked and sold.
In November of last 12 months, non-public info of medical doctors and patients of Phetchabun Hospital was stolen and put on sale for 15,000 baht on the Raid Forum site..

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