Should Millennials (and you) refuse to get married?

Millennials who refuse to get married are saying “I don’t” in record numbers, radically changing a stumbling institution.
According to some wide-awake consultants at Massachusetts’ Bentley U, conventional marriage has been on a downward trajectory for generations. Among Millennials – the oldest are now forty years old — the traditional horse and carriage are not viable in today’s city setting.
Cohabitation is extra common amongst Millennials than GenXers across most racial and ethnic classes.
Lecturer in Natural and Applied Sciences Clarissa Sawyer, says that the Millennial marriage trend has its roots in education. Sawyer says…
“Women around the world are getting married later and a half of that is as a result of women are getting more educated and investing of their careers. They’ve invested plenty of money and time into school, so they’re getting a job and delaying marriage — if not opting out fully.”

Gender aside, a school diploma isn’t essentially replacing a marriage certificate. Millennials with a bachelor’s diploma or extra are marrying at a better fee than these with less education — but not having kids.
In Sawyer’s own family, her 31 yr outdated son and his live-in companion of seven years aren’t married and don’t plan to have kids.
Boston Globe columnist Tom Keane says threateningly that if you refuse to get married, you could be in hassle. In his column Keane says…
“Not getting married at all could show tragic.”
Tragic it might be, but it appears unlikely to be as tragic – or as damaging to others – as many marriages.
Fail-proof , eligibility for entitlement applications, and the availability of social security nets are all affected by marital status. If individuals are selecting to get married in any respect, it’s for financial causes.

Sawyer believes that many Millennials are hesitant to marry because of the risk of divorce. She says…
“Getting married is often perceived as a danger so Millennials are inclined to cohabitate and get financially stable before moving forward.”
Business Insider reported that fear is leading Millennials to marry later “as they take time to get to know their companion, accumulate belongings and become financially successful.”
As the oldest amongst Generation Z method their mid-20s, they share comparable views on marriage as Millennials. Will Millennials and GenZ usher in a model new era that marriage by allowing it to evolve? Woke as it could seem, they only might..

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