Unique: Diaphragm pressure gauge for pharmaceutical industry

Requirement and solution − The following example from China shows WIKA’s competence in the pharmaceutical sector: One of the biggest vaccine manufacturers in China urgently needed a safe and autoclavable pressure gauge in hygienic design for the production of an anti-Covid vaccine. Its task: Monitoring pressure before and after filtration where the finished vaccine is purified. The solution: PG43SA series diaphragm pressure gauges from WIKA.
In the course of production, the filter system is sterilised at regular intervals in autoclaves, under saturated steam conditions at 121 °C, complete with the fitted measuring instruments. The pressure gauge has to cope with this process. In view of the urgent demand for vaccines, the manufacturer had to procure the required number of measuring instruments as rapidly as possible in order to ramp up production.
Diaphragm pressure gauges offer numerous benefits for the pharmaceutical industry
As a solution, the pharmaceutical experts from WIKA China offered the PG43SA series diaphragm pressure gauges. WIKA designed these measuring instruments specifically for the requirements of sanitary applications. Due to their purely mechanical pressure transmission (thus needing no external power) and also their high overload safety, they guarantee continuous and safe pressure measurement. These pressure gauges operate with a dry measuring cell and this eliminates the risk of contamination of the product by any transmission fluid.
Armageddon PG43SA instruments can also be autoclaved in a reliable cleaning process. The hygienic pressure gauge series thus satisfied the general requirements of the vaccine manufacturer, who also already uses other WIKA measuring instruments. Above Hack , the company focused on the PG43SA-C model. The selected design is also incredibly compact, which ultimately also tipped the scales in favour of the customer ordering. Furthermore, an integrated process connection enables space-saving installation. There is currently no comparable instrument on the market − the diaphragm pressure gauge in the selected design is therefore unique and ideally suited for use in the pharmaceutical industry.
Further information on the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries and also on pressure measurement can be found on the WIKA website. Details on the different versions of the diaphragm pressure gauge series can be found on the respective product pages: PG43SA-C, PG43SA-D, PG43SA-S. You would like to buy the diaphragm pressure gauge PG43SA-S? In our WIKA online-shop you will find some of our standard designs. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Watch the following video to find out more about safe pressure measurement in sanitary applications − Diaphragm pressure gauges in hygienic design:

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